TAMASKAN / protective jackets

TAMASKAN / protective jackets

In the Tamaskan line we offer our warmest children's jackets.

Jackets meet the highest international standards for the development of outerwear for children. When designing products, we also used our long experience in developing workwear for workers in cold regions.

The main material is made of a special wear-resistant thread. It repels water from the outside and absorbs body vapor that evaporates inside.

Jacket insulation is light and very soft, does not cause allergies and is recommended for the manufacture of children's products.

Outside the jacket there are no parts that could catch on external objects during the game and lead to injuries to the child (elastic bands, cords, etc.). At the same time, you can tighten the elastic at the waist and use the inside pocket without opening the central zipper of the product. So frost outside will not find access to the body of the child.

A high collar and a deep warm hood with a visor equipped with natural fur, protects the face and neck of the child during frost.

Among the many pockets there are also special warm ones - for warming your hands.

The special design of the jacket and the details "for growth" suggest that the jacket can be worn for 2 or even 3 years in a row. The quality of the product is such that it can be transferred from older children to younger ones.